Applications done:

  • Printing Machines (Security, Newspaper, Direct Mail, Labels)
  • Nanographic Digital Printing Press Landa Landa
  • Cutting and Creasing Machine HighCon Drupa Marketing Marketing
  • Digital Laser Printing Press (Concept, Control Cabinets, all Motion Control, PLC, Machine Operation) HP Indigo 8000, Drupa 2016, HP Arts HP Indigo W7200, HP
  • Rotary Hotfoil Stamping with Foil Saving System and Hologram Insetting Inline
  • Flat Stamping with web Go&Stop motion inline, with flying dancers and intermittent operation at full machine speed
  • Cross Cutter with variable cutting length, register controlled
  • Winding with adjustable winding characteristics, winding directly from an outfeed drive or using a tension controlled dancer
  • Foil Application on alloy aerosol cans
  • Metal sheet cutting and slitting machines
  • Flying shears
  • Cable Stranding Machines
  • Cutting Machine for Laminate Tubes
  • Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Machines
  • Continuous Casting Machines
  • Additional Speciality Machines