We feel very fit and comfortable in high dynamic servo motion to control complex and precise production and converting processes. We have high expertise in Single Axis as well as in tightly synchronised Multi Axes Applications. We take the challenge to hit and shift technological and physical limits.

We have best experience in Engineering Roll to Roll Printing Machines. Our specialities are complete Control Systems for Web Handling/Finishing Systems based on Servo Drives. Process Control for web tension, print length, register and more are integrated seamlessly. We master subjects like Winding, Printing, Finishing, (Hotfoil) Stamping (with foil saving and hologram insetting inline), rotary and flat Stamping, Cross Cutting and Label Dispensing.

Each process can be performed at continuously running web (using format cylinders) or in a pilgrim step web motion (back and forth motion of the web, using a single cylinder for all formats) or last but not least in a Go&Stop motion (example: Flat Stamp). All 3 motion types may exist within the same machine, decoupled from each other by active/passive dancer systems, web loops, vacuum boxes or other transient web storage buffers.